/n(y)o͞o/ naked, in French. A NOTE FROM OUR FOUNDER NUS started as an idea during the heights of COVID-19. At the time, I was at my lowest. Like many of you, I was laid off from my dream job. I was stuck in my tiny NYC apartment unable to travel home to my family in Istanbul, Turkey. I felt alone, and out of place. Simultaneously, I was seeing people spend hundreds of dollars on sweat sets and pay a premium for clothes that were not even *that* special. So I decided to give people high quality products without the premium. Just like that NUS was born. I was able to follow this dream of creating a brand that allows people to be unapologetically themselves. After long days and lots of fuck-ups (ahem, excuse my language), I launched NUS in November 2021! If you’re thinking to yourself “wow it took her a while to launch her brand.” You’re absolutely right. I had no experience in the fashion industry besides the editorial side. So I had to teach myself everything from scratch and make sure that what I was offering would satisfy a need while being nothing less than perfect. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported NUS thus far. And if you are new to our family – welcome, I’m so happy you’re here! I hope that whichever piece you choose to wear helps you strut with confidence through life! With love,
The NUS Difference


We’re an immigrant woman-owned small business. We’re a one-woman show as I personally source, design, construct, and package each garment with the utmost care. We are not afraid to show what we stand for, and are a role model for people who are coming up in the world. We are blunt and are ourselves. We’re unisex, size inclusive, playful and edgy. We are NUS.
Our Vision for the Future


NUS started with me wanting to express feelings, and now we’re giving the opportunity to others. Since day one, we’ve been offering minimalist, everyday staples and high quality streetwear clothes at an accessible price point. Today, we are focusing on going completely sustainable by selling vintage finds and up-cycled pieces. We focus on assets such as quality, sustainability, uniqueness and ethical production. Our garments are sourced all around the world (New York, Paris and Amsterdam to name a few) and reworked by our tailors in Brooklyn. With NUS, you’re not just wearing clothes but a part of these places’ history. By starting our sustainability journey, we wish to reduce landfill and slow down the process of how we buy clothes. We want our customers to be able to use and wear these garments for years on end and pass them on to the next generation, prolonging the lifespan of each piece, while simultaneously minimizing waste and emissions caused by clothing consumption. A lot of time, effort and care goes into repurposing our garments so we’re hoping you find these recycled, reworked and/or vintage garments as much as we do.