/n(y)o͞o/ naked, in French.

At NUS, we want to give you minimalist, everyday staples with a point of view. We’re here to build your happy place through superior quality apparel and playful digital content. 

We think of NUS as an ever-evolving entity, feeding from your feelings, thoughts and lives. We want to empower you to speak your mind and find power in your raw thoughts. So much so that you feel naked.

This mindset has been in our DNA since day one. We launched in 2020 during the height of COVID in hopes to make quality loungewear accessible. We sought to create a lifestyle brand that was playful but edgy.

Our world is open to everyone. Consider us your friends, serving cool streetwear and helping you strut with confidence through life. We’re a community first and a brand second, which means that our mission is not just to help you be the coolest looking person in the room, but also make you feel absolutely fantastic. 

P.S. We also offer private label merch, wholesale sales management, and strategic partnerships. To find out more about our services or work with us email hello@wearenus.com.